Attitude Adjustment

This weekend we decided we needed a bit of a change in perspective. We had been arguing over the usual stuff; my unhappiness over our situation mostly and my husband’s feeling of responsibility for that. Poor guy. It’s been really stressful these past almost three years to say the least and it was our breaking point. Something had to give. So, we decided to start working on the one thing that we were actually in control of – our attitudes. Being negative is tiring anyway. Here’s what the weekend looked like:

Fish fry at the community center in our pueblo. Beer battered. Yes, please.


Sunday we went to a great little Italian pizza place on Cerro Alegre in Valparaiso, called Malandrino. Best pizza we’ve had in Chile, hands down. And the service was great. The waiter was actually concerned about our satisfaction! Amazing for Chile (the idea of service is non-existent here). He even turned us on to a really good micro brew, Rueberg, brewed near us in Villa Alemana. It’s hard to find beers we like here in Chile (I miss IPAs from home!!) so this was huge. One of the best weekends we’ve had since the days in Santiago so here’s to a good week!

20120501-065511 p.m..jpg

20120501-065708 p.m..jpg

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