Week in Review

This week was eventful…
Sunday we went to a little Thai restaurant in Valparaiso on Cerro Alegre called Samsara. My Pad Thai was mediocre but my cocktail was delicious.

20120518-011321 p.m..jpg

Monday we got in an argument over moving back to the US. Not sure who won that one but I ended up with these:

20120518-011601 p.m..jpg
And hubs got this shirt.

20120518-011911 p.m..jpg
Tuesday I realized I would no longer have to buy the horrible iceberg lettuce from the grocery store.

20120518-012218 p.m..jpg
Wednesday our friend Lindsey asked us to help her take on a large translation project (100,000 words!?!) for a company in Santiago. The pay is great so were trying to decide where to go on vacation to spend our cash. Chile? Columbia? Argentina? Not sure but I’ve got 14,000 kilometers saved with an airline here I’ve been dying to use.

Thursday I tried my hand at paella. Ever since I lived in the south of Spain (Sevilla) during my exchange program in college, I’ve been hooked on the stuff. Making it wasn’t tough at all and though it certainly wasn’t as good as Spain, we both had seconds.

20120518-013043 p.m..jpg
And, today is a very special day because it’s my mom’s birthday! If you’re reading this, I love you mom!

I’m currently only one class away from spending the weekend in Santiago to drink wine with girlfriends work on my translation. Happy Friday!!!

20120518-013920 p.m..jpg

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