My Technologically Advanced Shower

Blog Photos -january 2013 018
she already has a better wardrobe than I do

The day I found out I was pregnant I began lamenting crying about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to share the experience with my people back home; as far as pregnancy experiences go, the baby shower is a pretty solid one. My husband, being the ever practical man that he is, suggested a Skype shower and the idea stuck. So after much planning, about a week ago my best friends and family put together a baby shower for me in the States and I tuned in via Skype for the entire thing. Small technological difficulty aside (thank goodness for Mac computers and patience) the entire celebration went off without a hitch.

Blog Photos -january 2013 022
the grandmas!
Blog Photos -january 2013 027
champagne and raspberries

We headed over to my girlfriend Maria’s beautiful home in Quintay for the day. After trying on about five different dresses, I threw on the only thing that actually fit over my huge belly. Hubs came too as he was going to spend a couple of hours making artisanal soap with Maria (he has long wanted to learn how and she is practically a pro).

Blog Photos -january 2013 013
the dress that fit!

I spent the next couple hours chatting in real-time with friends as they showed me the beautiful gifts they had brought. I couldn’t believe the generosity of everyone and how after over four years of living in another part of the world, I still had so many people in my life who were happy to help us out so considerably. I just wish I could have tasted the food, I mean there were Georgetown cupcakes there! And a watermelon carved out to look like a bassinet! And baby ducks atop brown sugar body scrub as favors! It was seriously perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from the best friends and family ever.

Blog Photos -january 2013 021
THE cupcakes
Blog Photos -january 2013 020
thanks Mel!
Blog Photos -january 2013 019
only a best friend will do this for you, especially when you aren’t even there

Blog Photos -january 2013 026

Blog Photos -january 2013 025

Blog Photos -january 2013 028

Blog Photos -january 2013 024
technology is awesome

Unfortunately for my husband all the emotions of the day were just too much for my pregnant brain to compute and he was forced to console me the entire ride home. I guess that comes with the territory though!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “My Technologically Advanced Shower

  1. Congratulations on the new member of your family!

    My family is looking to relocate from Georgia, USA to South America. We are seriously looking at Uruguay or Chile. We have children ranging from 7-25 (of course the 25 year old is on his own two feet but coming with us). Your story is charming and so helpful to us in trying to decide our destination. My husband is a heat/air/refrigeration technician. Wondering about jobs for him, but more so about the cost of living.

    I am very interested that you are/have built a home. We would like to be able to build a simple home and wondering if you would be able to share the approximate cost and square footage of what you’ve built? also, land cost..yet I assume it is based on location.

    And what about the country of Chile? We have read there is no real middle class economy. Is this true? There is a huge gap between poor and upper middle to wealthy??

    And language…is it mostly Spanish or do many natives also speak English?

    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hey Maria! Sorry for the delay in response! Going a bit loca trying to get everything ready here for the new baby! I would love to answer all your questions, do you mind if I respond via email? Might be easier than through the wordpress site. I’ll be emailing ASAP 🙂
      xoxo and thanks so much for your message,


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