The End (A Beginning)

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looking glamorous

I’ve wanted to write so many times over the past couple of months but have had neither the time nor the energy. I honestly can’t find time to do the dishes (ah, how I long for a dishwasher) so blogging has fallen way down on my list of priorities, right below ‘keeping up personal appearance’ and ‘maintaining contact with other humans.’ Anyways, I’ve always tried to use this blog as a space to be honest about our lives here and I haven’t wanted to be a phony by writing half-truths, so I decided to keep quiet on all subjects until some decisions had been officially made.

Life usually changes so slowly, with such nuance, that we don’t really notice the shift until we are standing on the other side. Beginnings and endings slide into each other without much fanfare. Maybe having a child and making a move are two exceptions to that so in the interest of keeping this adventure going, we decided to do both at the same time. That’s right, we are selling our home and it feels like the end of an era. After four years of blood, sweat and tears we are moving on – the next step is yet to be determined. All we know for sure is that the house is up for sale and the future continues elsewhere. We hope to sell the house as a sort of package deal (including facilitating the move to Chile, visas, paperwork, cultural acclimation, etc.) – targeting someone who can pick up this expat experience where we left off. My husband would like to continue building homes, possibly independent spec. homes, wherever we end up. I, in the meantime, am trying to figure out this whole mothering thing while pursuing a couple leads. All is well. All is great in fact. The baby is happy and healthy (though she still is not a fan of the independent nap) and we are excited about making the next move. Though I’d love to get into what this move really means, I don’t think I’ve processed it all yet. Hopefully soon I can hand baby off, sit down with a large-ish glass of red and get things off my chest but for now this short announcement will have to do. Be on the lookout for house details, updated house stats and baby pictures (of course). Please be sure to check out our whole story in the older posts on the blog if you’re interested in buying our home; it’s been one hell of a ride. As always, thanks for reading.


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