Little things

Blog Photos - May 2013 014

I can’t believe it’s MAY already. The past few weeks have flown by. The semester is halfway done and Winter is slowly approaching. Not complaining though, I love me a cold night and a wood stove. Hubs even started one of the two (!) house addition projects we’re undertaking. I hope the combination of projects and doctorate work doesn’t push  throw him over the edge. Sometimes that man bites off a little more than he can chew comfortably at one time! God bless him, he works so hard.

We were finally able to buy a power inverter too which means I got a vacuum and he got a drill. We also plugged in our refrigerator for the first time. The little changes that make life better keep happening and for that I’m feeling pretty lucky.

If you need me I’ll be drinking wine with girlfriends at our cabana in Maintencillo to celebrate a friend’s going away party and my mom’s birthday (from afar)! 😉

I love you mama!

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