Rainy Day Thoughts

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our home, from far away

We’re getting our first big rain storm of the season here today which means all five of us are cooped up indoors, trying to stay out of each other’s way. The rains we get here on the coast are intense and sometimes last for days on end. None of the roads that lead to our home are paved so the torrential rains have a tendency to keep us on house arrest. Though the first day or so is usually relaxing, after a few in a row we get a little antsy, especially when we run out of food or when the car is broken down. Thankfully today is only the first big rain of the season so the novelty of cozying up indoors hasn’t worn off yet. And because my husband is trying to read I’m in charge of keeping the fire stoked – a task that requires I run outside every 20 or so minutes to saw/chop whatever wood is untouched by rain under the orange tarp. I can only manage to saw about 3 logs at a time with the hand saw before I start to get really wet and have to run back inside.

I’ve been known to try to duck out of doing some chores around here by using the old ‘I can’t I’m a girl’ excuse.  Chores known to fall into this ‘boy chore’ category are: cleaning chicken and duck living quarters, learning/driving stick shift through the coast’s windy roads (have I mentioned how they drive here??) and construction. I’m always so annoyed when he forces me to do the things I don’t think myself capable of. The funny thing is that it turns out I’m always completely able to do these things – I sometimes even begrudgingly learn to enjoy them (gasp! don’t tell my husband because I’ll deny it). It’s pretty amazing the mental barriers we set up for ourselves when we are convinced we can’t or don’t want to try something new. I (mostly) appreciate having someone in my life that forces me to step out of my comfort zone all the time. Do you have anyone in your life like that? Or do you push yourself to have new experiences?

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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dear rain, please don’t wash away all my new plants…
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and here is a picture of Peter just because

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One thought on “Rainy Day Thoughts

  1. As unbelievable as it may sound, it is snowing here in Colorado today! They keep extending the closing of A-Basin ski resort every week. I think it will remain open until the 4th of July this year! Enjoy the rain down there and the wood chopping! Tell your husband to write a book on how to get wives to do man chores. I want a signed copy please…..


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