Since we’ve gotten back from Buenos Aires  😉 life has gotten a bit busier than usual. I’ve found it a little difficult to put into words the crazy mix of emotions I’ve been experiencing since finding out we were pregnant (!) on my birthday this past July.  And in between bouts of being a complete emotional mess, bothersome acid reflux (bleh), my full work schedule and competing in an entrepreneurial competition, I’ve been too brain dead to write anything meaningful or poignant on the blog.  Pregnancy brain is no joke people. Now that I’m in my 15th week though, I’m finally feeling more like a normal functioning human, albeit a slightly larger one.

The pregnancy wasn’t a surprise but I think that even when you’re trying it takes awhile for the reality of the situation to sink in. Like, we’re actually going to be responsible for another human being in 5 short months. Someone I can’t just put out on the porch when they are misbehaving. It’s completely surreal and I imagine it will be until he or she is actually here with us. We keep talking about how lucky our kid will be too; having two passports and so many different possibilities as a bilingual (I hope) Chilean-American growing up in the beachy countryside.

Most of all I’m just trying to enjoy this time in my life, even when that entails falling asleep at 9:00 and accomplishing only one of the 15 things on my to-do list for the day. Pregnancy has already taught me to start relinquishing some of that control that I have always clung so tightly to. I’ve already had to give up a couple of silly expectations such as:  ‘I will exercise every day’, ‘ I will continue being a vegetarian’ or ‘I will fit into my pants beyond week 10’. (Lies all lies.) Surely this skill will come in handy when pregnancy turns into motherhood and lots of my ideals go flying out the window. I’m so thankful for this experience though and for all of the beautiful unknowns that come with becoming someone’s parent. Unfortunately all my musings on family has had me missing mine much more than usual, but I think that’s a post for another day because I’ve already cried openly in public twice today.

Blog Photos - sept 2013 030
test run for our hopeful future business

In other related news, my husband has already begun the very necessary house addition for the baby and I won a very awesome government grant to start my own small business. We have been slowing trying to break away from just teaching for some time now and with the baby coming we figure there is no better time to start. (Are we nuts?) Primarily we are expanding our production of organic fruits and vegetables at our place with the goal of starting our own business venture and running it out of our home. I will be producing and selling organic fruit popsicles on the beaches in the summer if all goes well and hubby would like to start selling our produce to restaurants to start, just like we did in the U.S. Our dream would be to transition our house to a bed and breakfast-like place where tourists could come, visit our beaches and eat our food, ‘farm to table’ style.

14 weeks
gardening, 14 weeks
addition beginnings
some alone time with Japhy, the otter-dog

Basically things are good. Good and busy and scary and lovely and I’m feeling extremely lucky (and overly emotional) about all of it. Hope to start writing much more, very soon.


6 thoughts on “Suerte

  1. Great to hear all your fantastic news! Let us know when you have that bed and breakfast up and running! Regina and I will be your 1st customers!

    Have a great week! Kevin


  2. I just finished reading ALL of your posts (from the archives too) and I just wanted to say “Thank you.” Or, perhaps I should write, “muchas gracias”? Well, in any case, your blog provided me with much to think about. Thanks again.


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