Weather Woes

This year it feels like Summer is reluctant to come. Some days the sun comes out and I happily start packing away my worn out sweaters, only to retrieve them from their boxes the following day. Every morning begins gray and dull like Winter in Pennsylvania but minus the central heating. Every night I hope for sun because man, I am ready for it. Thankfully, the seagulls and hummingbirds are out during the day and the crickets chirp away at night and I know that if I’m patient for just a couple more weeks, Summer will be here and my days of crazy work commuting will be through.

My husband has been working up a storm too. New greenhouse, new plantings, seeding, weeding, watering, constructing… I think he knows that once the baby comes there won’t be much free time (if any) to get projects done.

Blog Photos - oct 2013 012
addition progress

I’m doing well and getting bigger. Sometimes I just stand in front of the mirror, in awe of how fast things are changing. I now look more pregnant than awkwardly chubby and I’m thankful for that! Still feeling a bit unhinged occasionally (ha!) but decidedly less emotionally unstable than before, also a plus. In other news, Chileans love a pregnant lady. All I have to is wear a tight-fitting dress and bam! free seats on any public transport, loving looks and hands on my stomach inquiring about due dates and the sex of the baby wherever I go. I can’t say that I mind. Really it’s the first time since I’ve been here that I actually feel like I belong. Or at least rather than just staring at me because I’m different, they’re welcoming me in as a fellow breeder. I wouldn’t expect anything less considering Chileans are a super family oriented bunch and it’s been a welcome change from my usual ‘differences’ with the people here.

Blog Photos - oct 2013 013
greens! glorious greens!
Blog Photos - oct 2013 014
strawberries, just found a ripe one yesterday!

The other day on my way to work I passed a large group of horses in their usual spot near the small pond that collects water near our house. A mare was giving birth as I drove by and all the other horses were gathered around, in a circle, protecting her. It reminded me of the natural birthing books I’m reading and so I quickly drove by, not wanting to disturb her.  Hours later as I drove home I spotted the new foal on his shaky legs. It was so beautiful it made me think of how excited I am for my own, hopefully uninterrupted birth experience here.

Blog Photos - oct 2013 006
hubby with raw Tebo honey from the neighbor
Blog Photos - oct 2013 007
checking out the leaves of the Tebo tree
Blog Photos - oct 2013 010
lazy barbecuer

I hope everyone else is enjoying their days and not complaining too much about the weather… 😉


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